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    Slow Life: Wellness & Nature

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    Slow Life: Wellness & Nature

About Slow Life



Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the children of the earth, we didn’t weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it, whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

Chief Seattle


Slow Life is an international non profit organization, founded in 2001 under the name of Tursiops Society Onlus, for the tutelage and right to well-being, dedicated to studies, research, actions, training and divulgation of natural preventive medicine and ecotourism promotion. The Association is recognized by the City Council of Turin and the Italian Ministry of Work and Social Policies.  

The first pet therapy studies were run with thetursiop truncatus dolphins, hence the first name of the association. The results of such research have been published on the prestigious international medical and scientific journal British Medical Journal and broadcast by the media the world over, amongst which we wish to mention the BBC, the Fox tv USA, Canale 5 and Rete 4 Mediaset, Rai 3 Italy, the New York Times, the Sidney Herald…

Slow Life is committed to activities of education, information and divulgation, as well as to an action aimed at rebalancing the lifestyle and nutrition habits of the individuals, in order to improve the quality of life by preventing the pathologies and reducing the health care costs and expenditure.

Slow Life holds and promotes national and international events, conventions and congresses, gathering scholars on the themes of biophilia and integrated preventive medicine.

Slow Life promotes ecotourism and organizes entertainment, sport, cultural and recreational activities aimed as a means of prevention, training and dissemination, facilitating also the socialization amongst people.




Slow Life is the movement for the tutelage and right to well-being. Slow Life informs, investigates, educates and promotes health and wellness in all their aspects.


Slow Life: Wellness & Nature

The philosophy of Slow Life is grounded on the re-discovery of well being through the contact with nature. Slow Life’s research mainly addresses the consequences of man-environment and man-animal interactions, which influence well-being and health of the individuals .

This is expressed by the concept of biophilia, which was initially developed by psychologist Eric Fromm and then by the bio-sociologist of Harvard University Edward O. Wilson and by the ecologist Stephen Kellert of Yale University.

Such concept expresses the idea that the human beings have an innate attraction towards biodiversity . The quality of our life largely depend on the level of connection with Nature, since Nature caters for our needs as related to food, water, air, clothing, medical drugs and also plays a significant role in other aspects of life such as the intellectual abilities, creativity, imagination, emotional bonds and aesthetic attraction.

Our health and physical, material, emotional and spiritual well-being are strictly connected to the natural world.

educates to prevention for a better quality of life, preventing the pathologies, the relapses and – consequently – reducing the health care costs and expenditure.

promotes a lifestyle closer to the rythms of nature, as well as healthy, balanced nutrition.

safeguards biodiversity, promotes the use of renewable energy sources and protect the environment, since our health and well-being depend on it.

intervene in aid of people with psicosomatic discomfort through techniques of preventive and integrative medicine.